Smart Technology Inside the Home and Out

Smart home technology being controlled on an Ipad

From thermostats to front door cameras to kitchen appliances, nearly every home features some type of smart technology. Whether you’re a smart tech aficionado or want to start incorporating the basics in your home, you may be interested to know that smart technology goes beyond the confines of your house — you can also find plenty of helpful gadgets for your garage.

There are all kinds of new tech in garages, allowing homeowners to access their vehicles more easily, park better and keep their electric cars charged. Explore some of the top garage and garage door technology below for ideas on how you can bring your garage into the modern era.

1. Wireless Remotes and Opener Apps

For many homeowners, being able to conveniently operate their garage doors is paramount. An automatic garage door opener makes the process simple, but smart tech takes it a step beyond to offer true convenience. Adding a new wireless remote to your garage allows you to control your garage door from anywhere on your property, with some featuring ranges extending hundreds of feet.

If you want even greater control over operating your garage door, you can use a phone opener app that’s compatible with your overall smart garage hub. These apps include different capabilities, but you can expect features like voice command, status alerts and schedule automation, letting you open and close your door when needed and monitor its performance even when you’re away.

Upgrading your garage door remote can be a great first step as you consider other new garage tech.

2. Proximity Sensors and Parking Assistants

Sometimes, parking correctly inside your garage is tricky, especially if you drive a truck or SUV, your garage is small or your driveway is uniquely shaped. Make parking simpler by implementing proximity sensors and parking assistants.

These gadgets use sensors to detect when the car is too close to the back or sides of the garage. Then, they employ visual signs like lights or lasers and audio signals like beeping to tell you when to stop the car in the right spot.

As with most other kinds of smart tech, you can operate some parking sensors and assistants through apps, so you can adjust and turn them on and off accordingly. If you choose parking tech that doesn’t come with an app, you may be able to control it remotely anyway — a smart plug or outlet can turn any electric device into a smart device by connecting it to your home’s smart hub.

3. Automatic Lights

Keeping your garage well-lit is important for visibility when parking. It can also be incredibly helpful if you use your garage for storage, as you never want to have to navigate your garage in the darkness. Instead of having to physically turn on the lights every time you enter your garage, you can invest in automatic lights that trigger when the garage door opens.

Mobile app controlling lights

For even greater control, choose lightbulbs that connect to your smart home system, allowing you to turn the lights off and on from your phone. Pairing your smart lighting system with a complete security system, which we discuss in the next section, can help you deter potential criminal activity even further — many criminals avoid brightly lit spaces for fear of getting caught in the act.

4. Garage Security Systems

Whether your garage is attached to your home or situated many yards away, you want to restrict access to only yourself and the rest of your household. From cars and off-road vehicles to kids’ toys and work tools, you store highly valuable items in your garage, meaning a comprehensive security system is key. There are now numerous ways to protect your garage with the help of smart tech.

Today, the most popular garage security systems feature cameras that send video footage to the cloud, allowing homeowners to monitor their belongings on their phones. When the system detects motion in the garage, it sends an alert to the homeowner, letting them see what’s going on and take action if necessary. This capability is especially crucial for detached garages — traditional security systems with alarms may not alert homeowners quickly enough, so being able to view video footage is key.

Several new styles of garage door opener systems come with security system options, so users can enjoy all the benefits of smart tech for their garages.

5. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Did you know that about 918,000 electric cars were sold in 2022 alone? If you’re someone who owns an electric vehicle (EV), you should know about all the new tech for electric cars you can add to your garage, including improved electric charging stations.

Over the past few years, EV charging stations have evolved, providing different options as new EVs emerge. Now, you can have your choice of systems depending on your specific EV, and many EV chargers come with smart tech that allows you to monitor your charging from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Combining your EV charging station with other tech, such as your garage door opener, can make for a completely smart garage that’s part of your larger smart home ecosystem.

Explore Smart Garage Door Openers From Olympic Garage Doors

Choosing a modern, connected upgrade for your new garage door opener can provide you with greater access control and heightened garage security. At Olympic Garage Doors, we provide a range of smart garage door openers for homeowners, ensuring you can invest in a quality option that suits your needs. Genie is one of the industry’s most trusted and leading brands, and we’re proud to offer various Genie garage door opener models.

Genie Wi-Fi-connected garage door openers come with various tech features, such as:

  • Garage light control.
  • Scheduled opening and closing.
  • Improved security.
  • Battery backup.

It’s easy to operate your garage door through the app, ensuring you can close your garage door when you forget and open it in advance when you have to let someone inside — all while enjoying a more secure, well-lit space enhanced with convenient features. Want to learn more about our selection of openers and how they can make accessing your garage easier? Speak with one of our experts today.

Olympic Garage Doors is located in Port Angeles, providing the greater Olympic Peninsula with professional, timely garage door services. Whether you need a new garage door, want to invest in an upgraded garage door opener or require garage door repair, we’re here to help. Contact us today to request service or inquire about an estimate for your home.

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