Garage Door Spring Repair in Port Angeles, WA

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Most garage doors throughout the Olympic Peninsula are getting a lot of use — for many local homeowners, it’s the main way to enter and leave the house every day. With regular use and constant strain, it’s normal for your garage door torsion spring to become unexpectedly broken or damaged. Broken garage door springs can entirely prevent your garage door from opening or closing even manually, keeping you from quickly and easily leaving your garage. They’re also incredibly dangerous.

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If you suspect that your garage door spring is damaged, call the experts at Olympic Garage Door to inspect your system and determine the appropriate repair procedure. We understand how disruptive a broken garage door can be, and that’s why we offer local Port Angeles homeowners efficient, prompt garage door spring repair and replacement solutions.

Signs of a Broken Garage Door Spring

Even if you’re not a garage door expert, you’ve likely noticed the large spring mounted above your door — it’s the torsion spring, and along with the cables, it’s responsible for counterbalancing the weight of the door, allowing the garage door opener to steadily open and close the door when prompted. The springs are placed under an immense amount of weight and pressure, and with regular use and age, the torsion spring can wear and eventually break.

When the torsion spring breaks, it’s typically marked by a loud banging sound, but not every damaged garage door torsion spring is accompanied by a strange noise. Other signs of a broken garage spring include:

  • Visibly gaping spring coils or loose cables
  • Very heavy garage door
  • Fast door closing
  • Irregular, unsteady movement
  • Uneven garage door placement

Your Spring Is Damaged— Replace Torsion Spring on Your Garage Door

If you notice unusual garage door operations and suspect that your torsion spring is broken, avoid trying to use the door until a trained garage door technician can take a look at it. Due to the weight of the door and the tension, the torsion spring is under, it’s extremely hazardous for inexperienced homeowners to attempt repairing the spring on their own.

At Olympic Garage Door, we offer prompt, reliable garage door repair services. We have the experience and training necessary to fully inspect your garage door system and decide whether torsion spring repair or replacement is most appropriate to ensure lasting, safe, dependable and efficient performance.

Benefits of Routine Garage Door Maintenance

Broken garage door springs are incredibly inconvenient and can completely prevent you from safely using your door — is there a way to prevent spring damages? While worn and broken torsion springs are a common event for many homeowners, the best way to prevent an unexpected break is by having a professional inspect your garage door at least once every year. With routine annual maintenance, a technician can identify damaging corrosion and wear early on and recommend effective solutions to prolong the life of your system and reduce emergency maintenance costs.

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Olympic Garage Door is the Port Angeles area’s premier garage door repair and maintenance professionals — our licensed, bonded and insured technicians can perform a range of garage door services, and we’ve been dedicated to offering reliable, fast and hassle-free garage door spring replacements. Schedule garage door spring repair services or maintenance today by filling out our online contact form or calling 360-452-3859.

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