Genie Model 3120HL-B

Genie Model 3120HL-B Garage Door Opener

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Provides durable and reliable performance with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, and built-in LED lighting.

  • Includes Aladdin Connect, a smart device system, that allows you to control and monitor your garage door from your smartphone at any point in time. Aladdin Connect allows you to track the operation of your garage door as well. This system works in conjunction with your home router, therefore there is no need for additional hardware. 

  • A strong, durable, and reliable performance. The DC motor operates balanced residential sectional doors up to 10' high and 500 pounds. 

  • 7.0" per second opening speed. 
  • Integrated LED Lighting: High-efficiency, integrated LED lighting to provide bright and visually appealing light in your garage. 

  • Battery backup included – You can operate your garage door when the power goes out. 

  • Includes Soft Start & Stop Control that allows your garage door to move throughout movements smoothly to create less noise and less wear and tear on your garage door. 

  • 6' power cord included for those who require a longer reach to the outlet. 

  • GenieSense™ monitoring – allows for an automatic force to improve safety by stopping the garage door operation when major changes occur.