Residential Home Garage Door Openers

Residential Garage Door Openers for Port Angeles Homeowners

Garage doors play a vital role in completing the overall look of your home, but the garage door opener is what keeps the door running smoothly and dependably. Now think about how often you open and close your door every day — for average Port Angeles, WA, area homeowners, the garage door operates an average of 1,500 times each year.

With a subpar residential garage door opener, you may find yourself unexpectedly without the use of your door. At Olympic Garage Door, we offer a wide variety of residential garage door opener products from top brands for residents throughout the Olympic Peninsula.

Do you remember the last time you replaced your garage door opener? If not, you’re likely overdue for an update. If you choose assistance from the experienced, skilled garage door experts at Olympic Garage Door, we can help you select and install a quality, modern garage door opener machine utilizing the latest advancements for improved performance, security features, and efficiency.

Dependable, Modern Residential Door Openers From Top-Rated Brands

At Olympic Garage Door, we offer the largest selection of residential garage door opener products because we understand that every home and family has specific daily needs and evolving expectations. We exclusively stock garage door openers from leading brands like Genie that feature the latest technological advancements and home security solutions for better long-term performance and access.

While you could opt for generic garage controls, with quality Genie solutions from Olympic Garage Door, you can make a confident decision and enjoy exceptional long-term value.

You can find a variety of exceptional door openers at Olympic Garage Door to suit your specific needs and budget — we offer:

  • Chain drive garage door openers with an ultra-quiet DC motor that can easily raise and lower a standard single or double garage door
  • Wall-mounted jackshaft garage door openers for garage doors with limited overhead ceiling space
  • Belt drive garage door openers with incredibly quiet, dependable operations that require minimal routine maintenance

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Smart Garage Door Opener Remote Technology for Smart Homes

Today, even garage door openers have smart features that make our lives easier. They fit in nicely with the rest of our smart home by creating a smart garage. Whether you have a belt drive or chain drive garage door opener, the newest technology will make operating the door easier than ever. If you're ready to take advantage of the most advanced features in smart home technology, call the expert team at Olympic Garage Door to discuss a smart garage door opener today.

Garage Door Opener Features of Our Smart Openers for Residential Garage Doors

The newest Genie smart garage door openers have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with the Aladdin Connect smart system, allowing you to control your door from other locations. Forget to close the garage door before you left? No worries. Just open your app and close it from wherever you are. This allows you to operate through your garage door from a smartphone or other mobile devices. You can also put your garage door on a timer to open or close during the day and night.

Sound like the technology you never knew you needed? Get yours today from Olympic Garage Door. We routinely install garage door openers for our customers, and we help get every feature set up properly. We carry a selection of the latest Genie garage door opener lines equipped with Wi-Fi connected accessibility. Contact us today to learn more about the various features of these Genie models.

Benefits of Garage Door Openers

While you can find standard garage door openers that reliably lift and lower your door, you should consider upgrading to the latest residential garage door models offered by Genie. The latest Genie openers have the most recent advancements and convenience features to improve your daily activity, such as:

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity with Aladdin Connect Smart System
  • Timer-to-close capabilities
  • Security+ 2.0 with rolling door codes
  • Garage light control
  • Battery backup operations
  • Scheduled opening and closing

Expert Installation Services

Olympic Garage Door has been the most trusted garage door expert throughout the Olympic Peninsula because of our exceptional services and knowledgeable, licensed technicians. A proper garage door installation is what will keep your door and machine operating smoothly, safely and dependably for years to come. Our team performs efficient, effective garage opener installation services with the highest quality tools and will be readily available to answer any questions you have throughout the installation process.

When You Need Quality Garage Door Opener Solutions, Contact Olympic Garage Door

At Olympic Garage Door, we're dedicated to always offering exceptional customer experiences, superior products, and comprehensive services — we work closely with all of our local customers throughout the Olympic Peninsula, and we'll find appropriate products to fit your daily needs and budget. To learn more about our residential garage door models and products, call us today at 877-794-3667 or fill out our online form to request a free installation estimate.