Genie Model 2128B

Genie Model 2128B Garage Door Opener

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A Wi-Fi-connected garage door opener with the Aladdin Connect smart system that is built directly into this garage door opener. This product is perfect for owners who want a reliable and powerful opener. This garage door opener can be operated through a smartphone or other mobile devices.

  • Includes Battery Backup - allows you to operate the garage door at times when the power is out.

  • This Powerful DC motor allows for quiet operation and includes a Soft Start & Stop control.

  • 7.0" per second opening garage door speed. 

  • Includes Steel-reinforced belt or chain drive – you can choose the best drive option to fit your needs. 

  • Includes a strong C-channel rail design that helps secrete the rotating belt and/or the chain for a better looking image.

  • Includes an Auto-Seek Dual Frequency system that automatically seeks the best frequency between 315 or 390 MHz in which to operate. This depends on the frequency interference sources.

  • A light that is positioned toward the interior of the garage to give illumination where it is most needed.