Garage Door Cable Repairs in Port Angeles

Port Angeles Garage Door Cable Replacement

When you were operating your garage door earlier today, did you find your door raising and lowering at an odd angle? Often, homeowners will ignore obvious signs of garage door damages if the door still operates, but dangling garage doors are often a sign of a broken or worn garage door cable. The garage door cables are one of the most important pieces of hardware — this part contributes to the door’s counterbalance system, helping the door smoothly and steadily rise and lower.

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If your garage door cables have unexpectedly broken, call the repair experts at Olympic Garage Door to perform efficient and reliable repair or garage door cable replacement services. We’ve been the most knowledgeable, reliable garage door experts throughout the Olympic Peninsula, including the Port Angeles, Sequim, and Port Townsend areas. With our effective garage door cable repair services, you’ll be assured lasting garage door performance, safety and dependability.

Causes for Broken Cables

Since the garage door cables are a crucial component of the door’s counterbalance system, they’re under a lot of weight and tension. They’re attached to the corners at the bottom of the garage door and travel over a pulley system when the door is opened or closed — over time, with daily use and irregular maintenance practices, the cables can become worn, then fray and break.

Garage door cables can also break if a pulley is worn, there’s a defective bearing or the door is misaligned and the cables rub against other pieces of hardware while the door is functioning.

If you’re unsure whether you have a worn or broken garage cable, check your garage door operations and note whether the door is able to close entirely on both sides without shaky movement or excessive jerking. When a garage door cable snaps, typically one side of the door will rise while the other remains shut.

What to Do When Your Garage Door Cable Is Broken

Any time a cable presents issues, it can be tempting to still try operating the door to get a car in or out of the garage. Even if the garage door appears to open or close, avoid trying to use it. Overhead garage doors are incredibly heavy, and if the cables snap while the door is in its open position, it could quickly slam shut and cause injury or property damage. Call your local experts at Olympic Garage Door for an overhead door cable inspection and safely perform garage door cable repair or replacement.

Once your garage door cables have been addressed, we can work with you to set up regular garage door maintenance services — with routine garage door tune-ups, we can identify worn parts early on and recommend replacement, which can reduce last-minute repair costs and prolong the lifespan of your system.

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Broken garage door cables can be inconvenient as well as hazardous, but with effective cable repair services from the experts at Olympic Garage Door, you’re guaranteed reliable, fast and affordable replacement solutions. All of our garage door cable replacement services are completed using the highest quality parts and tools available for lasting safety and reliability.

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