Weather Stripping for Garage Doors in Port Angeles, WA

Port Angeles Garage Door Weather Stripping

When your garage door is closed, do you feel a slight draft seeping through the bottom? Garage door weather stripping is likely something you don’t think of or inspect while performing garage door maintenance tasks, but this piece is a crucial aspect of your garage door’s performance.

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The weather seal on the bottom of your garage door helps protect the contents stored in your garage, keeps pests and debris out of your house and improves your home’s energy efficiency. With regular exposure to harsh elements and variable temperatures, unfortunately, your weather stripping can wear, leaving your garage door exposed.

Why You Need Garage Door Weather Stripping

Every garage door needs quality weather stripping — even though it may seem like a small piece of hardware at the bottom and sides of your garage door, it helps keep your home protected from a variety of damages. The weather stripping helps keeps out rain and snow while forming a tight seal between your garage door and the floor. This seal prevents cool air, insects and other vermin from entering your garage, just like the seals around your windows and doors do.

Signs of a Damaged Weather Seal

Due to constant exterior exposure, the vinyl or rubber materials of your weather seal can become damaged, either shrinking, stiffening or cracking over time. To easily determine whether your garage door needs a new weather seal, check for the following:

  • Light peeking from underneath the closed garage door
  • Soft breezes from outside flowing into your garage
  • Signs of obvious damage like flaking, warping or missing pieces
  • Puddles of water forming around or near the base of your garage door
  • Rust around the edges or surface of the door

If you have an insulated garage door, make sure the quality of its weather seal is intact. Weather stripping that’s in poor condition can greatly impact the effectiveness of your garage door product, increasing utility costs.

Olympic Peninsula Weather Stripping Services

When your garage door weather stripping is damaged or worn, trust the team at Olympic Garage Door to have all the replacement parts you need. We offer several weather seal sizes and types, including vinyl and rubber seals.

If you’re not confident completing a garage door weather stripping replacement yourself, you can rely on the trained, helpful technicians at Olympic Garage Door to perform efficient and effective services. We can recommend weather stripping products that work for your garage door and meet your household’s needs, ensuring that warm air, cool air, pests, and inclement weather are all blocked from entering through the gap.

Contact Olympic Garage Door for Garage Door Weather Stripping

Olympic Garage Door is the Olympic Peninsula’s premier garage door repair and servicing company, offering comprehensive services and quality replacement parts. We provide personalized solutions for all maintenance services to ensure we can meet your specific needs and long-term performance expectations.

If your garage door needs a fresh piece of weather stripping, reach out to the team at Olympic Garage Door to request quality replacement parts and perform prompt, reliable installation to improve the efficiency and durability of your garage door. Schedule garage door weather seal replacement today by calling 360-452-3859 or completing our online contact form.

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