Benefits of Having a Roll-Up Garage Door

Garage doors protect your home or commercial building from break-ins, harsh weather and energy loss, all while opening and closing every day to give you garage access. Investing in a durable, well-made garage door allows your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

If you have a commercial business or want an extra-secure home garage, check out some of the benefits and features of roll-up doors below.

What Are Roll-Up Garage Doors? 

Proper roll-up garage doors use aluminum or steel sheets that coil up above the door. They don’t require tracks attached to the ceiling since they stay rolled up over the garage entrance. These overhead roll-up doors are designed to save space, so they’re often thin to reduce the amount of space the coil takes up. Traditional roll-up doors are mainly used in commercial settings.

Sectional doors are sometimes called residential roll-up doors. Sectional garage doors roll up along a track and sit by the ceiling of garages. These doors have larger panels connected by hinges that travel up the track, making them convenient for home use since the individual panels are easy to replace and the doors can be well-insulated. Unlike true overhead doors, sectionals have panels on hinges that use rollers to travel up and rest at the top of the garage instead of coiling around themselves.

1. Secure

Roll-up doors are incredibly secure compared to other styles of garages. They’re most often made from steel or aluminum, but you can find glass roll-up doors and even wood overhead doors. Steel and aluminum are strong materials that are resistant to damage.

Because these garage doors roll up, they have no visible grab-points or access spots when closed. Roll-up doors often have more robust locking mechanisms, making it harder to open them when locked and extremely difficult to go through while shut.

Keeping garage doors closed is the best way to secure your garage. The strongest garage doors can’t secure your building correctly if they aren’t closed. Once shut, a roll-up door is essentially sealed — it has no gaps or spaces that allow access. A closed roll-up door is much more challenging to break into than other garage doors, helping to deter thieves from getting inside.

2. Easy Maintenence 

Overhead roll-ups are much easier to maintain than sectional doors since they have fewer parts that need regular lubrication. The pieces they have are contained, protecting them from wear and debris.

Coating a steel roll-up in fiberglass makes it resistant to dents and other surface damage. Steel overhead doors can withstand corrosion, rust and weather damage, making them perfect for sealing commercial and residential areas.

While they’re relatively simple to take care of, roll-up doors are more expensive to replace than sectionals. To repair an overhead door, the entire unit needs replacing since it’s one connected sheet instead of separate panels.

3. Space Saving

Roll-up doors save much more space than other garage doors. They roll into a single coil over the entrance to the garage, increasing the amount of available overhead space.

Sectional and single panel doors use tracks to slide up and sit at the top of the garage, taking up space by the ceiling. Since roll-up doors are compact and have no tracks, garages can take advantage of vertical space to make room for storage and tall objects.

Overhead doors increase overhead space and allow more use of the garage floor. These doors roll directly upwards, so there’s no need to create a room behind the door. Garages with roll-up doors can use the area right behind the door to store items and equipment, increasing the available storage space.

4. Energy Efficient

Overhead doors have a secure, gapless seal. This prevents people and small animals from getting inside and stops air traveling in and out of the closed garage.

An insulated garage door is even better at sealing your garage from the weather. Adding roll-up garage door insulation helps lower your energy costs by preventing outside temperatures from coming into the garage, changing the internal heat of the space and causing your air conditioning or heat to work harder.

In addition to lower energy bills, good insulation reduces outside noise, keeping external disturbances to a minimum.

5. Durable

Another benefit to roll-up garage doors is their durability. Materials like steel and aluminum are resistant to rust, weather damage and wear and tear. If properly maintained, an overhead roll-up door can last you many years. Roll-up doors are designed to withstand frequent use and won’t bend or warp like wood and other garage doors.

Including additional features for your roll-up garage doors can help improve the durability and safety of the product. Coating steel with fiberglass protects it from dents and scratches. Installing good insulation enhances the energy efficiency of the garage and makes the door stronger and more durable. Adding fire-protective insulation will help the door stand up to heat-related damage.

Styles of Roll-Up Doors

True roll-up doors have limited styles when compared to sectional doors. The single-panel construction makes them more industrial-looking but helps maintain their durability and security. There are wooden roll-up doors, but wood is a much weaker material than steel or aluminum, so using wood won’t provide the same benefits as strong metals.

Like other styles, there are many sizes of overhead roll-ups. Technicians will measure your garage’s openings and help you select a door that fits your garage. Additionally, most types of overhead doors look similar but have different features.

Some styles of roll-up doors include:

  • Roll-up sheet doors: These are the standard overhead door. They use steel or aluminum sheets to make up the door instead of separate slats.
  • High-performance roll-up doors: This roll-up door is for high-traffic areas. They open and close quickly, are resistant to damage from vehicle impacts and can stand up to extreme weather.
  • Rolling fire doors: These are fire-rated doors constructed to prevent the spread of fire. Fire doors use fire-resistant material and have fire detectors, automatically closing when there’s a fire nearby. 
  • Security grilles: This door usually secures stores in malls or schools. Security grilles allow airflow and visual access while protecting the interior from burglary and damage.

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