How to Secure a Garage Door From Break-Ins

How to Secure a Garage Door From Break-Ins

Unsecured garage doors are a burglar’s dream! Studies show that 9% of burglars will break in through the garage. The garage is a common entryway among burglars and serves as a direct portal to tons of expensive tools, equipment and vehicles. The garage also provides a level of seclusion from onlookers. Burglars know that many homeowners and commercial business owners don’t pay close attention to securing their garage doors.

Homeowners and business owners shouldn’t neglect the garage doors on their property when considering security and deterring burglars. There are many theft prevention techniques that are both effective and relatively easy to include in your garage door security. Using these techniques can help you prevent intruders from burglarizing your home and possessions.

Keep Your Garage Door Shut

One of the easiest ways to prevent garage burglaries is to close your garage door. While closing the door may seem like an obvious solution, it’s extremely easy to forget this step when you’re on the go or in a rush. If you drive through any neighborhood, you’re sure to spot countless garage doors that are open with no homeowner in sight. The small step of ensuring your garage door is closed each time can make a huge difference. One homeowner’s association in Arizona made it a policy that homeowners had to keep their garage doors closed, and later reported that burglaries dropped 50% in the neighborhood!

If you’re one of the many homeowners guilty of leaving your garage door open from time to time, consider installing an automatic garage door closer. An automatic closer will make sure that your garage door remains closed when you’re not around with no extra effort on your part. With these devices, the timed closer will automatically close the garage door after a certain amount of time has passed, ensuring your garage is secure even if you forget.

Secure Garage Door Windows

Secure Garage Door Windows

While windows make for an attractive addition to a modern-looking garage, unprotected windows may make your garage more susceptible to theft. Most thieves go on the lookout for expensive and valuable items to take before deciding to burglarize them, using windows to peer into your home and garage.

If you want to prevent thieves from spotting your valuables, you should cover your garage windows to obscure their view. While curtains and blinds work very well to obstruct a burglar’s view, these window coverings may also prevent natural light from getting into your garage. If you want to keep natural light in your garage space while protecting against theft, window film will make your garage windows less transparent while still allowing for brightness.

Another way to secure your garage windows is to install garage window bars. Many intruders don’t mind breaking garage windows if it’ll give them access to valuable items inside your home. Window bars make it impossible for intruders to squeeze through the window even after they break it. Consider investing in smash-proof glass for your garage door and windows to further secure your window and the rest of your home.

Keep Track of Your Garage Opener Remote

One of the most common mistakes homeowners and business owners make is leaving their garage remote in their vehicle. If an intruder gets into your car and has access to your remote, they essentially have a key to your property and the ability to access your garage whenever they want.

You should treat your garage opener as one of your important keys, such as your house key, and put it on a keyring to prevent burglars from getting your opener. Using this strategy, you’re more likely to take your garage remote wherever you are and keep it away from burglars.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

Most intruders prefer to operate at night, relying on the dark to remain unseen as they sneak around your property. Motion sensor lights sense when someone is closing in on your home and garage and activate the lights at once. These lights will scare intruders away and therefore prevent nighttime break-ins.

With automatic, motion-sensing lights, you can deter intruders from approaching and get alerts when someone is nearby, including deliveries or visitors. These exterior lights are especially useful for detached garages, which often get the least amount of light from other light sources. 

Install a Security System With a Camera

Eighty-five percent of police officials state believe that monitoring systems discourage burglaries. TheUNC Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice reports that 60% of burglars look for the presence of security cameras before proceeding with a crime. With statistics like that, there’s no questioning the effectiveness of security systems on deterring robberies on your commercial or residential property.

Security technology has evolved significantly over the past few years, resulting in security systems that are becoming more and more effective at preventing theft. For example, advanced technology has made it possible to get video surveillance of detached garages that lack a power supply. Many video surveillance systems allow you to monitor your home or business in real time from any location with a mobile device. This technology provides you with the ability to make an informed decision about immediate action steps, even when you’re away.

Choose Olympic Garage Door for Your Garage Needs

Choose Olympic Garage Door for Your Garage Needs

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