Security Benefits of Commercial Garage Doors

Security benefits of commercial garage doors

Owning commercial property has its benefits. As with any investment, it’s important to secure it in the best way to protect it from external dangers. This includes the prospect of intruders, adverse weather conditions and more. Securing your assets is worth your while. 

A commercial garage door must be strong and durable enough to withstand these potential risks to your property and the contents within. Here’s more on the security benefits of commercial garage doors, the types of doors available, safety tips and why you should leave all your commercial garage door worries to Olympic Garage Door. 

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Garage doors are available in a variety of materials and insulation, all designed to provide the utmost support and strength. Here are a few types available for commercial use, along with their applications:

  • Roll-up sheet doors: These doors are made of steel sheets that roll up and down as required. They are commonly used for small to medium-sized warehouses and self-storage amenities. 
  • Service doors: A type of steel door used as an entry door in commercial and industrial settings. It is made of 18-24 gauge galvanized steel and is often reinforced to meet wind and impact requirements. 
  • Counter shutters: These are usually seen in cafeterias and concession areas and are preferred for their versatility and sturdy construction. They are easy to operate and not as heavy as complete doors since they are considered windows or shutters and cover a smaller section. 
  • Energy saving series: As the name suggests, these polystyrene insulated steel doors are often used for shipping docks and general warehouses where energy efficiency plays a big role in managing operational costs.
  • Security grilles: Airports and shopping malls commonly use these steel or aluminum rolling grilles. They offer full transparency while securing the inside of a shop or site. The open grilles are designed to enhance air circulation in spaces requiring ventilation while ensuring limited access. 
  • Industrial series: Another popular option for warehouses and shipping docks, the industrial series is made of thick-roll ribbed steel with polystyrene insulation and is highly resistant to rust and other damage. 
  • Energy series with Intellicore: Commercial structures like firehouses and warehouses that need effective internal temperature control and energy efficiency will benefit from these high-insulated steel doors.
  • Architectural series: This door style is commonly observed at service stations, restaurants and car dealerships where a certain degree of transparency is required. It has a contemporary design compared to other industrial-like applications and is also highly insulated and extremely durable due to its see-through construction. 

garage doors enhanced security, protection, and weather resistance

Security Benefits of Commercial Garage Doors

When it comes to keeping your residential or commercial property secure, you are likely to implement all the necessary measures to ensure it is fully protected. Numerous ways to improve your business’s physical security will benefit your business:

  • Enhanced security: The main and most important benefit is the improved level of security that a garage door offers. Together with an efficient alarm system, security cameras and security guards, you should have peace of mind knowing that your investment is well protected. Modern technology lets you remotely access and control your garage door using your mobile device, adding an extra layer of security and convenience. 
  • Asset protection: Most commercial garage doors come standard with a variation of insulation R-values, which helps regulate the temperature within the building. This is beneficial if you own a warehouse that stores perishable and non-perishable goods or other temperature-sensitive products. Garage doors offer further protection by preventing air from escaping through seals, keeping it trapped inside. Having this garage door feature available adds value by keeping your goods protected.
  • Weather resistance: Garage doors are made to withstand high winds and other elements that pose a threat to your valuables inside. Some designs have a wind load resistance that ensures they can endure hurricane winds while sustaining minimal damage. Their durable materials like steel, metal and aluminum protect your business from wind and any external impact like vehicles or equipment that might knock it accidentally. It also resists fire and rust, which ensures their longevity. 
  • Increased safety: Modern garage doors are equipped with openers and sensors that will help keep employees safer during operation. Features like auto-reverse ensure the door won’t close on anyone. Motion sensors detect movement that will alert you of any unusual activity inside, especially after business hours. You will rest assured knowing that your business is safe with the added protection the garage doors offer. 
  • Added space: Roll-up construction saves you space that would otherwise be wasted with swing doors. They are generally also high enough for forklifts and other machinery to move through easily, another benefit these garage doors offer overall. 

Safety Tips for Commercial Garage Doors

Safety and security are things you should never compromise on. Here are a few tips that will help promote your commercial garage door’s safety functionality. 

Limit Visibility

Outsiders rarely covet what they can’t see. Unless you need a specific door style like security grilles for air circulation, you may benefit more from solid steel doors to avoid prying eyes. It’s a good idea to secure valuable content behind sturdy garage doors. However, this principle may not always apply practically, especially if you own a car dealership or restaurant that has a degree of transparency. Fortunately, architectural doors are designed with this aspect in mind, and extra security measures are usually in place to offer maximum protection against the possibility of intruders.

Integrate Security Systems 

Ideally, you would have a smart security system to keep your business safe. Incorporating your garage door opener with this system will optimize and enhance your security. Install security cameras above your garage door to give you a full view of your premises. Motion sensors will detect activity, while floodlights above your garage door to alert you of movement. Ensure you are aware of everyone who has access to your commercial property at all times and revoke access where necessary to maintain control. 

Inspect and Maintain Your Garage Door

Your garage door endures immense wear and tear, especially if it’s older or used often. Since it serves you and your business, you should keep it in optimal condition to continue performing its function efficiently. Inspect all moving parts regularly and replace any that are worn or damaged. If your garage door has sustained severe wind or storm damage and panels need to be replaced, contact a reputable garage door supplier to assist. 

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